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Born in Hungary, Péter Szigeti (7 June 1978) ‐ Dandy, began his career as a more than ten years journey through music shows no sign of slowing down over right now – anything but – Dandy is riding a creative wave now. For a man literally living and breathing through the scene such endeavour are simply instinctive. For Dandy music isn’t a simply occupation it’s an existence, a life style. Blessed with passion for the music as warm and honest as his smile. He is one of those rare djs able to their art in an adventure through sound – each individual set a true trip through varying genres, sounds and emotions which make him a special DJ. That’s why his live performances are very entertaining and public oriented.


And wherever he’s taking crowd a musical trip at parties, festivals or getting down some house grooves he is able to be inspired and inspire in the equal measure. Indeed, as long as he’s playing the music he loves, you can be sure that those on the dance floor are in for some special. Dandy name is synchronous with quality.


DANDY ‐ the DJ:

Began his career in Hungary as radio DJ, music editor, presenter and responsible for creating the station’s image (Radio 1,Radio Jam) and later director of production for an internationally appreciated internet radio station – JustMusic.Fm.

He was sharing the decks with celebrities such as : Sasha, Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Jody Wisternoff, Steve Lawler, Dennis Ferrer, Paul Oakenfold, Dave Seaman, Anthony Pappa, Moshic, Dubfire, Carl Cox, Danny Howells, Tiesto, Sander Kleinenberg, Satoshi Tomiie, Echomen, James Zabiela, Timo Maas, West Bam, Jimmy van M, Desyn Masiello, Matthew Dekay, 16Bit Lolitas, Seb Fontaine, The Timewriter, Terry Lee Brown Jr, Soda INC, C and M Production, Kevin Yost, David Alvarado, Lexicon Avenue, Hybrid, Atb, Ian Pooley, James Holden, Nils Noa, Wally Lopez, Paolo Mojo, Radio Slave, Robert Babicz, Elke Klein, Smokin’ Joe, Sebastian Davidson, John Creamer, Chris Fortier....etc.



He regularly participates in important events, parties, festivals in countries such as : Hungary, Romania, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Serbia, Luxembourg, UK, France, USA, Thailand.

The DJ of the year in Hungary 2006, 2008, 2009 and also the resident DJ in all the important clubs in Hungary in last 10 years. Especially : FLÖRT The Club ‐ exclusive since 2001!


Created his own team, called TRUESOUNDS, functioning as a booking agency and event organizer at the same time. (DJS : Dandy, Mattan, Invoice). Nowadays they are the most popular in Hungary. Other projects: Be Original, Monitor, Dirty Ego.

2006 – Release first mix album in Hungary at Just Music FM (Front Media Records).


DANDY ‐ the producer:


Refusing to limit himself to DJ work, Dandy has continually explored various interests as a producer as well. Dandy is Oversized Records one of the owner with his partner of the Hungarian Independent label. From 2008 he began to dedicate himself to his own productions and compositions displaying to the audience a more personalized side to his abilities.


2004 – Dandy has his first producer experience. He made a remix with DJ Chriss (Hun). The track / remix is called: Quasar – October (Q/Dandy version). The track including remixes is the first vinyl release on Foundation Records.


Дата: 07 Июля 2011


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